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Here is the the latest movie trailer for Haitian movie La Trace, a Kerby Leveille film

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Latrace Production says...

La Trace movie will be freely post on youtube on Saturday July 26,the link will be available here on belfim.

thank you and stay

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Naicha Antoine says...

Hi Guys...

I would like to know when the movie will be out in New york because I have been watching the trailer long time. I have to say guys congratulations I like what I see. keep it

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Patrick Jean Romain says... mode wi neg yo itilize bon bagay.

mwen pa ka tan pou mwen we fim sa. Antouka se yon movie ke neg yo depanse ampil lajan ladan.

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Vanessa Pierre says...


La trace is a very great movie.

I just saw the trailer I can not wait to see the movie.

I know you are going to Canada and Haiti I am ready to travel just to see

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Tamara Louis says...

I want to know when the DVD will be out. Please let me know I need 500 to do business in

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Paul Marie Andre says...

Nice movie...Great Job...

I want to be part of the 2 movie.

I like Dectective rich. It looks a real

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Mario Appolon says...

That is nice trailer.

I am ready to buy the DVD. Please let me know the movie will come

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Patrick Gelin says...

I heard that la trace will do a before party on the boat to celebrate Papa Pye. Great Job Guys. I will be at the grande premiere March

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Carline Garcon says...

oh oh oh zin pete andedan latrace.

fanm yo ap goumin pou neg nan movi a. petando zenglendo.

mesdam fe respe nou. producer a mete yo deyo nan project a.

pele pepep...

si ou mande map di w

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Marie Henry says...

la trace se yon movie action mwen ta rinmin gade paske richard fe trop dyole pou li. epi tout ditny bus yo genyen poster ladan.

mesye so kon fe maketing.

mwen ta rinmin nou fe kob sa yo nap depanse

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