La Famille Chabi Movie Trailer

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Watch the La Famille Chabi Movie Trailer video, An elderly grand father who came to the USA from Haiti to discipline his crazy and untouchable grand daughter For info Geronimo Records 917 681 6701 imagecreolefilm aol com

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Themaran says...

pe chabi silvouple fe pa-w

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Joby says...

I wached this movie it is incrdible it is a must see film go Nacha I really like this one

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Kathy says...

why haitien actors have to be a copy machine i saw that comment like yours every day did you ever see spanish actors all they do is copy on actors in hollywood whatever shows thats on tv they have the something if haitien will do the same we will be popular today, not everybody want to see the same face everyday, you go pere chabi i love you don't let anyone put you down do what you have to do.

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Hyper Jamso says...

I don't know about the movie but i have a comment to make about this guy whom name himself "pere Chabi", he is such a copy machine it is like deja vu, why doesn't he try to come up with something original, he think that he can have everybody laughing, he is just trying to full himself with plagia.

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