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Titles: Ke Chire

Watch the movie trailer of Ke Chire a new film by James Pierre

Tags: ke chire, james pierre, mikerlanda st jean, Movie Trailers & Previews

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Val says...

isi a se cheche nou vinn cheche, selman mache cheche pa domi san soupe non, pinga nou fout gonfle.

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Bertha says...

hello joe how are you doing?

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Cindy says...

dit moi pourquoi tu cherches une fille pour la vie?

parles moi de toi. ton age, location.

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Joe says...

Je suis la, et je suis pret

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Mertina Charles says...

Je suis Martou je cherche également un joli copain

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Junior Gelin says...

je suis junior gelin je suis a la recherche une ravissante de moisele

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Brian says...

I truely cant wait for the movie, it looks great, and the actors look!! the poster is Hot, Mikerlenda look sexy, the girls look hot period.

Gabrielle yes lord. Nathalie hmmm, Jame Pierre do your thing.

Everything look great so far congrat to you all.

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Alex says...

hey mezanmi..m we trailler ke chire a sou youtube ak yon film ki gen ampil moral .ninpot mounn ka gadel timounn tankou granmoun.

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