I Hate Men - Lesbian Movie Preview

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Titles: I Hate Men
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Watch The High Art Lesbian Movie Lesbian Preview Movie I Hate Men Video, WE HATE MEN Just A Film I Put Together About A Lesser Known Lesbian Movie. WARNING Contains Lesbian Content. If That Offends You...DON'T WATCH NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED Just Did It Because I Like Supporting As Many Lesbian Movies As I Possibly Can. The Main Actors In This Movie Actually Play Noxolo. It Is The True Story Of How They Met... Not A High Budget Film Low Fimance Film, But For Every 3 Crappy Movies I Have To Turn Off Within The First 5-10 Minutes Of The Beginning Comes One That I Can Actually Stand To Sit And Watch...this Was One I Could Stand To Sit And Watch...

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Renante says...

i am against this lesbian thing so this movie im gonna watch it just to see what happens but truth is this is not my type of movie im not even gonna buy it ill make a friend buy it den we will watch it 2gether but this is yuck

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Jean Claude says...

medam yo deja a 65% madivine deja, min sa nou pou fe yo pi mal

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Lili says...

alors ou vlé dim pa gen madivin nan kominoté nou en

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Amonie says...

Good point.

Although I can understand their point.

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Audain Jean says...

are you serious haitians movie makers are we loosing our mind has it come to that .its just for the facts that we try to keep the industry alive by supporting your efforts buying your products doesnt mean that you have the right to bring any kind of crap into our face so call movies.

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Movie Fan says...

What is that?

There is no room for this kind of movie in our comminuty.

Please take it back from where it came from please none sence.


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