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Titles: Depote 2

Watch the trailer of Haitian movie Depote 2, a sequel to Depote, from producer Leo B.

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Samp Ashbey says...

yo leo b i missed the movie premier in miami but sure 2 dat i will be at the one in ft pierce this saturday i dont knw where to buy 4 tickets if you could send me an email or let me know where i can go to get them in

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Joesph says...

yo this movie was gangsta leo b you did a great job & the actors were good man. keep up the good work zoe pound stand

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Dana says...

the whole movie was great if you guys think this is funny you need to go get check out the showings i promise you'll laugh even

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Nadege Honor says...

i can't wait to see the movie.

i know it'll be terrific if not better than the first one. your guys are great in film making.

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Maggy says...

you guys are something else i love this part, ( i will talk, i will talk no haiti i will talk, lol) chapo ba pou nou. movie nou yo vraiment

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Jezz says...

I love the first one and I cacnnot wait to see this one for you. when is it coming out if anyone know..

let me know. I hope it's soon.Big

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Proud To Behaitian says...

oh my GODDD I cant believe that they had part 2, .That's a Must See movie.

Is that Movie

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Jean says...

I didn't think that they make 2nd part. It's a gotta see

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Joe. says...

about time! good to see u guys again.

it look good.can't

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