Confusion - New Haitian Movie from New York

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Titles: Confusion

Tabou Combo Singer Shoubou (Roger M. Eugene) stars in a new Haitian movie call Confusion. get more details from a news clip from Tele Image

Tags: shoubou, Maxime Roy, Stephanie Dormeville, Roger M Eugene, Valerio Saint-Louis, Ronel Choute, Haiti Movie News

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Chatal says...

hey, what's up?

i saw a quick pre-view it seems to be really nice. i'm really sorry, the french part kinda lost i said on the plane don't forget the minorites who are the majorities.

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James says...

I hear that shoubou is a very shy person when he does not have a microphone on hand.

I would love to see him on screen.

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Subject: Confusion - New Haitian Movie from New York edit

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