COLOMBIANA: Addicted To Power

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A short film by Ralph Figaro - MONEY; POWER; RESPECT, AND SEDUCTION... THE QUESTION ISN'T HOW FAR WILL YOU GO, IT'S A MATTER OF HOW DEEP WILL YOU GET IN?! In a world dominated by POWER; GREED; BETRAYAL and MURDER... a young girl finds herself in the

Tags: Ralph Figaro, Haitian Short Films

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Ralph Figaro says...

Thanks for your perspectives and openion.

I appreciate your comment, and yes, the evidence will be reviewed and thus proving the copyrights infringement claim.

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Raynaldine says...

I'm a haitian and i like my culture, i would like to see my poeple come up big time.What i wanna say is for the haitian producer of Columbiana;there are many movies that almost have the same profile, the story line almost sound the same but in the development there is big difference.

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