Birth Of An Assassin Movie Trailer

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Watch the movie trailer of the action packed movie "The Birth Of An Assasin", a Joan "Tutu" Demosthene film

Tags: sheila mocombe, hudson accius, Marc Delerme, Dieula Demosthene, Paulson Azemar, Max Boirond, Diego Demosthene, Movie Trailers & Previews

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Jack Marcelin says...

It's coming out next month from wat i heard on facebook but it's only going be sold on it's website it will not be stores...

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La Bella says...

when is this coming out on dvd?

does anyone know?

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Jessica Louis says...

I love this movie but the people sa this movie i nat good

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Kineo says...

This one looks interesting!

I may be looking for this. :)

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Movie Man says...

It's been a year now and assassin havn't come out..

Any updates?

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Oasis Fan says...

when is this coming out people?

I'm waiting for inpatiently to see it..

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Carol says...

most popular trailer on belfim, trailer not movie zo, most anticipated movie, not out yet. anticipated zo.

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Carol says...

congrats tutu and the jd production staff.

lol good job 100.000 viewers i wish that many people would buy the movie.

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Zo says...

How come it is the most popular if it is not even out yet?

Put some common sense in these self posts.You don't have to be the best compared to others to have your place in the sun.

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Ricardo says...

this is the most popular film and most anticipated haitian movie of the year on the internet.

with no doubt.

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