Titles: Seduction

Names: Sandra Inellus

Sandra Inellus

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Here is a photo taken behind the scenes of Haitian movie SEDUCTION

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Jcdp says...

Hello Sandra, How are you?

I still luv

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Kev8 says...

i am sorry icould not come to the grand premiere.

i wanted to see you there i tried so hard to make it. one day i will see you my flower and i will be very happy to see you. please write me

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Kevin says...

I like to see you on movies more often Sandra, plese tell me you have more movies, where can i find

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Cynthia says...

i remember you, how are you?

wow! I see you on this site. you don't remember me but I was in philly at the grand premiere in pator choizi church.

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Fleursol says...

Oh my Gosh, Mimi se ou mim sa a, kisa?

se ti cousine

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Kev says...

Sandra you look real mad lol was it that serious?

lol I love

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