Titles: Oasis

Names: Joseph Zenny Jr., Reginald Lubin


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Sherline Jean says...

ayisyen pa konn kisa yo vle ou fe bon movie yo pale mal ou pa fe bon yo palew mal anyway movies Oasis 1 2 3 se yon bon movies li ye moun yo byen act nan movie yo pa ri yo rete serye guys congratulations keep going don't give

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Ken S Production says...

Mpa konnen sa wap jere men kreyol ou pa bon menm ou met al pran yon kou kreyol sa ap edew anpil lew bezwen blaze moun kap anmegdew.

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Paul says...

mwen sot li youn moun ki tap pale sou fim sa-a, "oasi", bon mwen pa konnen, mwen ta renmen konnen kile ayisyen a sispan di bagay dwategoch paske nou fet pou nou aprann ke biznis se biznis, si youn moun fe youn fim mwen panse se pou li ka fe kob. men kote nou soti avek bagay :"moun santi bon ak moun santifo sa-a" biznis konn nan afe santi bon ak santi fo; te kwe depi ou fe lajan ou te vle fe a mwen konnen se li ki konte.

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Bergeronm says...

Gader, aller chercher travay pou'w fair. Nou aigri pou tout ti bagay.

parce que ou we ou pa ka faire on gro bagay konsa sou you are hating.

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Oasisfanatic says...

The movie Oasis did not have no two or three dicrectors.

Oasis only had ONE director which was Richard Senecal.

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Fan- Ayisyen says...

don't you think that if smoye was ill they would have tell the public that smoye could not be here because of such! bla! bla! bla. Think before you talk, something happen.

Smoye name was all over the ticket as the host on all tv commercial everything the flyer and on the grande premiere day, they did not mention his name noone say a word come one. Something happen in the last minute, you and i don't know about it. If you are Francette friend asks her what happen she got the answer, maybe you can come back here to share it with us. thank

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Johanne Poulard says...

Shut the hell up! I saw Smoye, Francette, Reginald Lubin and Phares Duverne dining at a restaurant in Miami last week. They were cracking jokes, laughing hysterically, (overly loud) and taking pictures together.

I saw Smoye on interviews to. So like Nadege said we don't know what transpired therefore we can't draw any conclusions.

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Nadege Jean-baptiste says...

@ Fanm Ayisien pale sa ou konin.

Mwin gen on kouzin'm ki te participer nan production Oasis.

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Fanm Ayisyen says...

That's a good question, what i like about Oasis is the bravery that the oasis production staff got when they are trying to convince people here that this movie was value to watch.

If it wasn't for the pre-show i mean the musical segment it would have been a disaster.

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Patrick says...

Although haitian movies have a long way to go. Malgre ke market haitien an mediocre anpil min mwin te gader Oasis mwen pa wer ke li te pi mal ke sa. Tout acteurs bien jouer.

Mwin pat wer moun ki tap reciter ou bien forcer paler francais.

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