Titles: The 2 Weapons Of Life

Names: Michelle Casimir

Michelle Casimir

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Here are some pictures from behind the scenes of The 2 Weapons of Life, a Carlos Saint Elot Film

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Veldo says...

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Calixte Bon Bagay says...

Salut Michele, its Calixte we toke some pictures together in New-York I'm so exided to see you now playing in the Haitian film here is my e-mail calicabonbagay at

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Michelle says...

thanks for your comment
i hope you gonna see the movie the weapons of life

my pleasure

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Icu says...

I've been staring at this picture for the last five minutes.

There, I admit

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Mike says...

That is the hottest Haitian Actress.

Good looking, very sexy, nice skin, Angel Hair unforgetable simile.

Halla back mike88 at

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