Titles: Mechandou

Names: Wesner Calixte

Mechandou Movie Poster

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Here is the official movie poster of Haitian movie Mechandou, a new action film by Wesner Calixte

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Zwing Productions says...

Mechan Dou ap retounen pou okazyon fEt Gelee Aux Cayes nan Salle ST. Louis Dimanch 12 Aout a 7:30pm.

Rele nan ZWING PRODUCTIONS pou plis enfOmasyon ak tikE. 3490-0609 3124-6137 305 848-7570.

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Roro Ph. says...

Tre pwofesyonel.

Kijan poste sa-a fe bel

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Zwing Productions says...

Moun P-D-P ap mande pou yo we MECHAN DOU, se domaj ZWING PRODUCTIONS pa gen kontak pou PO-D-PE se sak koz nou paka jwe-l pou yo. Si-w ka ban-nou kontak, rele nou nan: (305) 848-7570

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Denice Keemaive says...

Waou, je pense que ce mec est vraiment différent avec une réalisation pareille.

Il a beaucoup de talent et patience pour produit un film comme Mechan Dou. Félicitation pour un travail si original et distingue.

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Fanfan says...

Mwen we poste sa-a Petion-ville lontan sa. Eske fim sa-a ap vin P-A-P?

Poste-a vreman bel, koman poum fe poum ka gen youn?


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New Actress says...

thats why you see the haitians movie end up down like a piece of sh.it mora junior etienne beg me to come play for him in his project now he keep on asking me to have sex with him fuccc you mora. al coupe manmanw

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Jean Louis says...

I saw that movie in Jacmel On a Monday the last day they were showing it extra.

There was a lot of people the Sunday that I came, I was there for about 30 mins standing, I had to return the next

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Angelo says...

at Jean Louis
Where did you see the Mechan Dou movie?

I'm in CAP-HAITIEN and we think that movie was suppose to come in the Haitian film festival.

Nan katye lakay mwen m kwe plis moun pral

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Jean Louis says...

Angelo, I think they need to hire the producer of this movie to think for the future of the Haitian Cinema; not someone that see money for they pocket only.
Angelo I also think, to make a movie like that you need to be in love of what you are doing and also be a very good

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Angelo says...

Two thumbs up to the producer/director of this movie.

Job well done. Your hard work will pay

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