Titles: L'Inattendu

Names: Fritz Buissereth, Suzette Morisseau, Hubermann Saintil

L'Inattendu Movie Poster

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Here is the official movie poster of Haitian movie L'Inattendu

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Frank says...

I have known Jean Galumette for years, i met him from a church i used to go, what i discover from him he enjoy his family, dedicate himself to his vision, and his dream.

I never heard anything bad about him or his family, i understand you must be angry because you dont understanding him, but he is a man with character and sel respect.

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Fanatic says...

You people must be really annoy, so what if the guys promote his kids, if you cant prove what you are saying, then go somewhere else with your nonsense and get some self estime while you are

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Movie Star says...

You talking as if you are guilty, this is show-business my friend dont get personel.

regle koze-w a moun wap pale-a fas a fas pa itilize web site la pou voye

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Jessica says...

whoa! is hot in here get a fire rescue for me

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Jessica Fan says...

whoa! is hot in here get a fire rescue for me

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Degize says...

My friend you just waste your time, because we have bigger fish to caght, if you want to know what is going on, find it yourself; we are busy, we have a grande premiere to prepare for l'inattendu.

Next time go the hell, and make sure you stay the hell away from us. Stop crying, stop showing your darkness, it's too ugly, and nobody wants to see that. Did you ever own anybody?

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Cinema Fan says...

paske jean michel pat peye neg yo se tout li fe travay li pa peye epi yo fe limprevu #2 min yo change non an pou yo pa bali vale ou pa we se pitit li lap

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Jessica says...

The movie "L'innatendu" not only sound like "L'imprevu" because they mean the same thing, also the name of the actors are basically the same as "L'imprevu" and of course the same actors except for the little and the other lady. I guest my question is...is this movie a sequel of L'imprevu?

eventhough it's not from the same producer.

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