Titles: Le Prix A Payer

Names: Mora Junior Etienne, Isaac Antoine, Misty Jean, Marson Sam, Louise Dartiguenave, Selina J. Boussicot, Darah D. Valville

Le Prix A Payer Official Movie poster

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Here is the official movie poster of Haitian movie Le Prix A Payer, a new movie by Mora Junior Etienne

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Colette Jacques says...

Wonderful job presentaion is always the best. Keep up the good work Misty.

Please give me more details i will be delighted to be there.


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Bedvds says...

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Moreen says...

I disagree that only Misty looks professional on the poster, everyboyd looks nice and professional good job to you all...

the only thing i'll agree with is that there are too many people on the bottom but as far as this poster was done before i've never seen it.

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Unknown says...

Good job Misty.

She's the only one that looks like a professional actress on the poster.

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Pat says...

Mou yo look good wi

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Jazzou says...

I really like this poster everybody looks really nice can't wait to see the

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