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Laura Movie Behind The Scenes

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Here is a picture taken behind the scenes of Haitian movie Laura, a movie by Valentin Lustra

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Bali Boulova says...

Lokking at the camera "SIZE" those us us tipical Haitians with a big mouth will have the tendency to judge it by that, "SIZE".

The person who made the initial comment would probably be much happier if he or she saw an old and big VHS camera.

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The Director says...

there s no better place to get a laugh than Belfim.com after a long stressful day of work. Yes, the VX 100 still one of the top DV camera in the market for under 5Gs. They need to learn how to use those cameras.

A bad story with great quality picture and well edited film is better than a great Story with bad picture and bad edit. They need to get it together.

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Magloire says...

le nou sot konsa, ni nou pa ronte, ou pap jan-m bay bon nom-w. pou information-w neg la gin on bon camera nan min-l oke. imbesil, camera sa se on sony DVX-100 its a very good cam but they suposo to know how to used it and the mistake they do, they where supose to have a matt box in a filter in it thats it. a good sound system.

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La Belle says...

Now i see why some of the movies look like that, nal acheter yon ti camera pou deux trois cent dollar nan sale epuis naler fe movie, kom si ou vle di mwen ke ti bagay piti sa gen good quality and then nou beswen fe lajan sou tet pep la sa se mechan.

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