Titles: I Love You Anne

Names: Nice Simon, Don Kato

I love You Anne

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Still Photograph from Haitian movie I Love You Anne

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Nadine Pierre says...

I have a very good friend in haiti prucia, he is a very honest man, he never mention anything to me about wanted to date someone in america, however if you are really looking for a good man, honest, respectful, and value women he is the one. I won't mention anything to him until I hear from you. Don't worry he's working and very comfortable in Port-A-u-Prince, he did travel to Africa not long ago to study.

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Joujou says...

LOL. se bon, se sa pou yo di'w. Ou we yon vye lanmou sinema, ou te gentan gen foli damou, Conrad byen repon'n ou. li pa menm ofri tet li. lol. (pran kouraj, granpa ka byen yon

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Conrad says...

hey! i can hook you up with my 89 year old grandfather, he's lonely and desperate.

he has missing teeth all over the place, wait! grandpa has no teeth, my bet! i'm sure he's gonna love you and understands you. his name is tonton Azore, make it quick because grandpa has few years to

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Prucia says...

I need aman in haiti that can make me happy all tha time that can undrestand me when i talked, who love

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