Titles: Inedit

Names: Blondedy Ferdinand


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Here are some production photos taken behind the scenes during the filming of Haitian movie Inedit,a Gerard Nader Film.

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Kemberly says...


am I looking at the same pics, of the same Blondedy everyone is talking about?

because I'm missing the "Beauty" part. She's average.

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Benjamin Lewis says...

You are really

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Sassy says...

hey niceeeeeeeeee pic
i love u gurl n all da gud work dat u been doing
do u have a

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Nick says...

Ou pa ka aproche yon fi konsa e espere ou gen yon repons, that's the lamest line i've ever read or seen in my life, you sad

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Sabine says...

well, i was happy to see you in the game of my dream in boston by the way when are coming back to spring

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Jean Robens says...

blondedy mwen rele robens m ap viv new jersey mwen bezwen yon fi pou mwen marye si sa interese relem sou numero sa 609 377

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Kool Rony D Love says...


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Jean E. Demorcy says...

I love you girl I think you are the most I mean t the most gorgeous most beautiful girl I have seen in my life I would do anything to meet you one day you are one of the greatest Haitian actress out there and I love you been the best of the

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