Xtreme Blue Movie Poster, Michelle Judith Is Crying!

belfim.com/pictures.php?p=4665&...Herold Israel's new Haitian film Xtreme Blue is finished and it's ready. The movie is expected to be released in less than a month.

X-Treme Blue Official Movie Poster
X-Treme Blue Official Movie Poster

We have just received the official movie poster (photo: right).

Here is the first thing I would like you to notice in the poster:

Michelle Judith Jeudy is crying! Usually she is kicking ass... a man's ass!

Oh well... Looks like she's got the blues now!

Last night I was a sneak peak of the final movie and I will admit to you that Michelle Judith Jeudy is not the only one with the blues. I saw the ending and you will be feeling blue yourself after you watch it.

Video Link: Watch the Xtreme Blue Movie Trailer

There is only one thing left for Herold to do: He told belfim.com that he wants to trim 20 minutes or so out of the movie because as it stand it is a bit too long.[bb]

I certainly hope that he adds the deleted scenes to the DVD when it is released.[bb]

belfim.com/pictures.php?p=4666&...Xtreme Blue is a drama starring Michelle Judith Jeudy, Haitian talk radio host Harrys LaTortue aka BJ, Haitian singer Jean Edouard Jean Baptiste (Frero), long time singer of Haitian group Zenglen, Rene Meril Romain (La Trace), Kendia Adelson (I Love You Anne), Haitian professional Salsa Dancer James Jolivert aka James Salsa.

Haitian superstars... Se sake pa manke nan fim sa-a...

We are waiting for the official casting list from the movie's producer. Once we have it you will have an idea of the man stars who participate in this movie

Usually, in every film by Herold Israel, the main characters go "Coo Coo." How will this one end? neither I, nor the actors, not even Herold himself knows.

I saw two endings last night. I don't know which one he will keep.

Stay tuned to belfim for more info about Xtreme Blue but in the mean time, Watch the Xtreme Blue Movie Trailer and voice your opinion.

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