Xtreme Blue, Herold Israel's New Movie, On DVD Nov 24

belfim.com/pictures.php?p=4665&v=5...Herold Israel's new Haitian film Xtreme Blue is finished and it coming straight out of DVD on November 24, 2008

X-Treme Blue Official Movie Poster
X-Treme Blue Official Movie Poster

The first thing to notice about this new movie right on the poster:

Michelle Judith Jeudy is crying! Usually a poor guy will get his for messing with the characters she plays in Haitian movies.

Watch the latest Xtreme blue movie trailer and you will have an idea why Lonie, her character in the movie, has got the blues.

Video Link: Watch the Xtreme Blue Movie Trailer

Xtreme Blue is a drama starring Michelle Judith Jeudy and Haitian talk radio host Harrys LaTortue aka BJ,

]]Haitian singer [[act2703 Jean Edouard Jean Baptiste (Frero), long time singer of Haitian group Zenglen will be be making his movie debut on the movie as well.

Kendia Adelson is one of the lead characters in Xtreme Blue, she plays the role of Sophia, a married woman who is cheating on her husband.

Haitian professional Salsa dancer James Jolivert aka James Salsa aslo has a leading role in the movie but you will not find him dancing... Oh No!!!

What is the movie about you ask?

Mesye yo gen pou mande madan-m yo anpil kesyon le yo fin gade fim sa-a!

Who's faithful these days? That's the question that Xtreme Blue will raise in the mind of Haitian movie consumers.

belfim.com/pictures.php?p=4227&m=3...Xtreme Blue stars Harrys LaTortue (BJ) as Henry, a young man who is paralyzed from the neck down, unable to please is wife, and Michelle Judith Jeudy as Lonie, his lovely wife who wants it so bad that it comes out of her sweat glands.

Xtreme Blue, behind the scenes >>

Coupled with a group of friends who are all cheating on their husbands and think they have a legitimate reason to do so, Lonie eventually goes out there like a starving tigress in the African wilderness.

Herold Israel is making sure that you have Xtreme Blue playing the DVD near you when you and your family get together this thanksgiving to rip that turkey in pieces.

Remember the date: Extreme blue is coming to DVD on November 24, 2008

Watch the Trailer: Watch the Xtreme Blue Movie Trailer

Haitian movie fans, start harassing your local Haitian movie distributors make sure they have Xtreme Blue in stock by November 24 so you can enjoy it during the Thanksgiving Holiday season.

The smart distributors know to check Belfim on a regular basis to know what new movies are coming out so they can stock their shelves ASAP

Stay tuned to Belfim for more info about Xtreme Blue and the director's future projects.

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