Why are there NO Haitian Movies on Netflix? The answer will surprise you?

There are many Haitian movie fans wondering how come there are no Haitian movies on Netflix although there is a Foreign film section on Netflix... I was so surprised to notice that the answer to this question has been sitting right here on Belfim for seven years, 7 years, it is hidden in a message on our forum... A Haitian movie fan actually asked Netflix why and got an answer...

Are there any Haitian Movies on Netflix?

So... Why are there NO Haitian Movies on Netflix?

Read this...

On December 17 2006, a user by the name of Redlaw wrote:

Recently I performed a search for Haitian movies on Netflix using my account and I came up with nothing.

I wrote Netflix an e-mail asking why they don't carry any Haitian movies since they have a foreign movie section.

The response I got was that there is no distributors offering Haitian movies.

Ladies and gentlemen please help me spread the word to anyone involve in the Haitian movie industry that there are a lot of Haitians in the east coast that love watching Haitian movies and would like more avenues in getting their hands on them.

To all Haitian movie distributors out there please provide Netflix and Blockbuster online with your movies so people like me can rent or buy.

Let me know what you think of this idea my people.

Can you believe this... For seven years, this message has been there... and seven years later, there is still NO Haitian movies on Netflix

Netflix said: There is no distributors offering Haitian movie...

Hmmm... What do you think about that?

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Marie Gabriel I was wondering the same thing Please I would like to watch Haitian movie too on... see more
Reply · April 27 at 12:12 AM
Marc Your right, about some of them movies made lots of mistakes, but that ain't the issue... see more
Reply · February 12 at 10:36 PM
John Some of the Haitian movies are no good. Some of them, they made lot of mistakes. If you... see more
Reply · December 16 at 9:18 PM

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