Was Pluie D'espoir Ever Released on DVD?

Chances are you've heard about the movie Pluie D'espoir but you have never seen it. If you have seen the movie on DVD then I guarantee you, you have probably seen the bootleg version of it.

Pluie D'espoir movie poster
Pluie D'espoir movie poster

Produced by Jacques Roc, Pluie D'espoir was the last movie starring Haitian actress Ginou Mondesir before she was brutally murdered by her boyfriend in Haiti back in 2005.

The question today is:

Was Pluie D'espoir, the real movie without all the missing scenes, ever released on DVD?

In case you didn't know, if you have only seen the bootleg version of the movie, you still need to see the actual film.

The last time we spoke to Jacques Roc he told Belfim that there are many scenes missing in the illegal copy of the movie that is circulating out there.

Mezanmi, why are we talking about the bootleg version?

Why is simple to answer.

There are many Haitian people among us with no talent whatsoever except perhaps to screw hardworking men and women like you and me.

So they become parasites, bootleggers, they pray on the talents of other people and they live of their accomplishments.

To the host of these parasites let me tell you about something I witnessed growing up in the country side of Haiti.


Le-m te timoun Haiti, mwen te toujou we yon zwazo blan pose sou do bef la.

Yo rele zwazo sa-a kwak dlo bo lakay mwen.

Mwen te toujou ap mande kijan fe bef la kite kwak dlo-a poze sou do li san ke li pa fe-l anyen?

Se le-m te mande grann mwen, grann Adrienne, ke li te eksplike-m poukisa.

Grann di:

"Bef la gen yon paket tik ki kole nan deye li ki ap souse san li. tout souke li souke latche li, tik yo pa jamn vle soti.

Le kwak dlo-a poze sou deye bef la, li rale tik yo epi li manje yo.

alos, ni kwak dlo-a ni bef la yo tou de beneficye nan relasyon sa-a. Se tik la sel ki pedi."

Kreyol pale, Kreyol konprann...

The real reason I brought this up today is because...

Belfim movie fans are still asking for the movie Pluie D'espoir. Here is the most recent email we received from a Ginou Mondesir collector and a subscriber of the Haitian Internet Newsletter:

Hey W,

Thank you for sending me the daily dose of Haitian news, I truly love it. It is through your e-mail that I sadly learned the death of Ginou Mondesir in 2005. I have collected most of her work except for one movie - "Pluie D'espoir"- none of the stores that I have contacted have it. The stores have heard of the movie but did not carry it.

Can you help?

I live in Orange County, NY



Message to Jacques Roc:

Jacques mon ami, piblik la bezwen ashte Pluie D'espoir. We ki sa ou ka fe pou yo. Epi pa okipe-w de bootlegger yo, chache yon kwak dlo mete sou do-w, tout pwoblem ou rezoud.

My name is Woodring Saint Preux and I said it.

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