Un Plaisir Mortel, New Haitian Movie Coming Soon

belfim.com/pictures.php?p=4662&...There is a new Haitian movie coming soon called Un Plaisir Mortel. It is a new film by written, produced, and directed by Dieunette Deliard.

Un Plaisir Mortel, Behind The Scenes
Un Plaisir Mortel, Behind The Scenes

For all the young men out there who are running around getting women pregnant and saying "It is not my baby" this movie will make you think twice.

Whether you believe it if not, Haiti is a country with swift justice. Voodoo and sorcery is often the justice system used because the Haitian legal justice system is a joke.

When you get someone's daughter pregnant, you are asked to choose one of two "M"s:

(M)ariaj ou byen (M)ouri... Ki sa ou pi pito?

This is what the movie is about?

belfim.com/pictures.php?p=4663&...Un Plaisir Mortel is the story of a young and talented Haitian soccer player who uses his charm and talent to seduce women. He eventually gets 5 women pregnant at the same time.

Unfortunately for him, one of the girls' father is a voodoo priest who makes him an offer he cant refuse.

belfim.com/pictures.php?p=4664&...Starring Desmas Duclair as the player, "nou sonje misye nan remo? Ti non-m ki te defilfrare ti fanm Pe Joj la?"

Well this time "se misye ki ap gen remo" because daddy is cooking something special for him!

Also starring in the movie is Dieune Saint Louis, Dieunette Deliard, Katia Wilson, Maguy Saint Louis, and Dolly Janice Casmir as the 5 girlfriends.

We are waiting the the movie trailer. as soon as we have it you will see it first on Belfim.com

We also have some Un Plaisir Mortel behind the scenes pictures coming soon, so stay tuned.

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Dr.bone mwen kwe film sa ap bel anpil wi. paske mwen tande gen 5 fanm ansinte. mwen ta swete se... see more
Reply · May 04 at 4:13 PM
Dieunette Deliard Hi Jamisha, Thank you for taking time to write your opinion about "un plaisir mortel"... see more
Reply · May 03 at 2:54 PM
Jamesia I agree this movie will make those punks think twice before sleeping with someone... see more
Reply · April 30 at 1:57 PM
Taniya wow in my opinion this movie will be a boom. you make me proud to be a young haitian... see more
Reply · April 30 at 11:18 AM

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