Tuff Decizion - Filmmaker Kerby Leveille Laptop Stolen With Movie Footage

Haitian Filmmaker Kerby Leveille has to shoot his new film Tuff Decizion all over again... The computer containing movie footage got stolen in broad daylight...

Tuff Decizion
Tuff Decizion

The filmmaker's car was vandalized in a South Florida neighborhood and, unfortunately, his personal laptop along with many others that were supposed to be shipped to Haiti got stolen.

Kerby Leveille was pretty upset when he released the news to Belfim.com. This not the first time... Not long ago, his computer store got robbed and most of his equipments were stolen...

Ala Traka Pou Kerby... Fo'w met ko-w deyo wi neg pa... LOL

We don't know how much of the movie was already shot and edited but, to have to do it again, that's not fun at all for any filmmaker!

Tuff Decizion, an action film, starring Soledad Elizabeth Jean, Wislere Laguerre, and Lesly Charles, was supposed to be released this month (August).

Oh well... TUFF luck Kirby... or should I say...

It's a Tuff Decizion! LOL

Stay tuned to belfim for more info about the movie.

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Agatha Narcisse Sir you need to ask Belfim Administrator when did he receive the news because I saw that... see more
Reply · August 06 at 11:21 AM
Reggie Cherubin According to the poster, the film was scheduled to be released on 8/8/11. That means all... see more
Reply · August 06 at 7:05 AM
Mario Joseph Hi kerby I am so sorry for your lost Jan woodring di a "se pouw mete kow deyo neg... see more
Reply · August 05 at 1:35 PM

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Subject: Tuff Decizion - Filmmaker Kerby Leveille Laptop Stolen With Movie Footage edit

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