10,000 Limited Edition Of Haitian Film Pluie Despoir on DVD 30 May, 2013

After 8 years of long delays, postponement, piracy and natural disasters, The Complete version of Pluie Despoir will be released on May 30, 2013.

Pluie D'espoir movie poster
Pluie D'espoir movie poster

The producer will only make 10,000 Limited Edition copies.

Authentic copies will have the following:

1. The cover is hand signed by the producer

2. Each copy is numbered (1 - 10,000) and original owners are listed here

3. Four page booklet insert, (Has behind the scene story)

4. Three hour long, crystal clear high definition, surround sound quality pictures

5. A 12 digit serial number label. After you buy, right before you leave the store sms text the serial number to 843-605-4444. If it is good, buy it. If it is not good, take the following steps:

1. Return it to the store

2. Ask for a refund.

3. After you get your money back, collect the store address and information for appropriate handling.

Source: vitafacile.com

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