Roderick Jean-Charles, Another Haitian Actor in Hollywood!

We found out about yet another Haitian actor in Hollywood. His name is Roderick Jean-Charles

Roderick Jean-Charles
Roderick Jean-Charles Jean-Charles plays the role of Trey in one of the episodes of ER one of the Hit TV series in the United States.

Find out about other movies starring Roderick Jean-Charles by visiting his Belfim Filmography page.

We also found out that Roderick Jean-Charles starred in a eHarmony parody on a Youtube video called "disHarmony: "Close Enough" (eHarmony parody)"

Watch the eHarmony Parody, Starring Roderick Jean-Charles video by clicking on the image below


How we found out:

We found out about about Roderick Jean-Charles via a message he posted on on August 10th 2009

He says: "Being a Haitian actor in Hollywood where the Haitian community is very small. It is a breath of fresh air to see my people working and producing ground breaking films. keep up the good work"


His name on his facebook page and on his post is "Rodrick Jean-Charles" but it's spelled "Roderick Jean-Charles" on IMDB. Perhaps when we finally speak to him we will get that squared away!

Rete branche!

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Haitian That's wonderful, more actors Haitian are getting in Hollywood, Haiti needs this right now
Reply · November 08 at 9:04 AM
Jamesly That is so amazing! i'm very proud of him. i'm sure will find more brothers out there... see more
Reply · September 01 at 6:31 AM

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