Papa Machete: A Short Film About Haitian Machete Fencing

We have just discovered a new short film called Papa Machete, a short film about Haitian Machete Fencing... Haitian Machete fencing? I honestly didn't know about this until today...

Scene from Papa Machete
Scene from Papa Machete

Titles: Papa Machete

First about the movie...

Papa Machete is the story of Alfred Avril, an aging farmer in Haiti who is also a master of the esoteric martial art of Haitian machete fencing. So the short film documents the mysterious martial art of Haitian machete fencing through the story and practice of one man.

Alfred Avril is a subsistence farmer living in Haiti, who garners an extremely modest side income teaching traditional Haitian fencing.

Papa Machete captures an aspect of Haitian life and culture rarely seen, showing the deeply spiritual significance of an art form that is too easily misunderstood.

Read more about this documentary and the fundraising bring it to the world at

About Haitian Machete Fencing...

I was amazed to read an article about this movie that shed some light into what Haitian Machete fencing actually is:

Borrowing fencing techniques from French colonists and combining them with forms of African stick fighting and proto-capoeira traditions, Tire Machèt ("pulling machetes") was an extremely effective self-defense system -- proven useful in large combat scenarios, even against the better-armed French.

Following the revolution, the form evolved into a cherished practice valued for its grace and kinesthetic display. It was passed down through generations, but only trusted members of the community were bestowed with training, and just a select few were allowed to watch the sessions.

Read the full article at]

Wow... I don't know how many Haitians know about this...

What do you think?

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