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Haitian Cinema Night In Miami Starting 9 June 2012

Starting June 9, California Club 6 Cinemas will Haitian movies every week-ends, alongside Hollywood movies, at their movieplex, 850 Ives Dairy Road, Miami. more »

Haitian Filmmaker Raoul Peck Will Be In The Jury at 2012 Cannes Film Festival

Filmaker Raoul Peck Haitian Filmmaker Raoul Peck will be a member of the Jury at the 65th Cannes International Film Festival more »

Actress Midelene Lubins Gives Birth to Twins

Anne Movie Picture Haitian actress Midlene Lubins gave birth to two baby girls, twin girls Haillie-Krystelle and Haillie-Gabrienna in Canada Montreal Canada Yesterday. more »

2012 Haitian Movie Awards - New York City

The 4th Annual Haitian Movie Awards in New York City is scheduled for Sunday, Sunday April 22, 2012 more »

Max Desir To Play Haitian Titanic Passenger Joseph Laroche In Titanic The Musical

Max Desir Nashville Tennesse - Haitian actor Max Desir makes history in his role as Joseph Laroche, the only black AND Haitian passenger onboard the Titanic in the upcoming revival of Titanic the Musical. more »

Raoul Peck's Moloch Tropical Premieres in Boston

Moloch Tropical Movie Photo Raoul Peck's 2009 film Moloch Tropical will get its Boston premiere this week when Peck is spotlighted in a two-day event titled "Visionary Filmmaker: Raoul Peck'' at the Paramount Center. more »

Billions For Restoration, A new Raoul Peck Documentary

Gessica Geneus and Raoul Peck at Cannes Film Festival Haitian filmmaker Raoul Peck is currently shooting a new documentary in Haiti with the working title "Billions for Restoration" more »

Boston MPAH 2nd Ed. Haitian Movie Awards Announced

Motion Picture Association of Haiti, Inc (MPAH) is pleased to announce that it will be having its second annual movie award on October 7, 2012 at the prestigious John Hancock Hall in Downtown Boston. more »

Un Plaisir Mortel 2 - Haitian Movie Coming to DVD March 20 2012

Haitian film UM PLAISIR MORTEL will be released on DVD this coming March 20 2012. more »

152 Behind The Scenes Movie Photos, Bope Pa Papa, Look...

Bope pa Papa Movie, Behind The Scenes Take a look at all the pictures we took behind the scenes of Dezirab's new movie Bope Pa Papa... more »

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Dans un sombre cachot au fort de Joux, en France...
Dans un sombre cachot au fort de Joux, en France Languissait un vieux noir qu'admirait l'univers Trahi par les Francais, jaloux de sa vaillance Le...

Carlo its Monalisa Monique's only daughter u remember...
Carlo its Monalisa Monique's only daughter u remember Mike well i just wanted to tell u im 6 months pregnant and engaged im having a boy and that...

RE: Jessica Geneus She is Awesome and I love her
She is Awesome and I love her

RE: Haiti Cinema - Vwazinn Nan, New Haitian Movie about Rutshelle and Roody Roodboy So I think it would be nice I would love to watch it...
So I think it would be nice I would love to watch it but I already saw the sneak peak of the movie but I don't like what rutshelle did....

RE: Reginald Lubin's Movie OASIS 2 Released Dn DVD J'aimerai voie cette film maintenant sur mon...
J'aimerai voie cette film maintenant sur mon telephone svp