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African movie starring Jimmy Jean-Louis and Sarodj Bertin Premieres in Washington DC September 13

One Night in Vegas - Movie Poster The African Movie "One Night in Vegas" starring Haitian actor Jimmy Jean-Louis and Haitian model Sarodj Bertin will premiere in Washington DC on Sep 13, 2013. more »

Abi, New Haitian Movie Relased on DVD

Belfim Stock Photos There is a new Haitian movie just released on DVD called "ABI" more »

Ben Stiller Supports Haitian Filmmakers with the Cine Institute

Ben Stiller at Screening Of Hollywood actor Ben Stiller joined the Ciné Institute, Haiti's only film school, on stage at the Jacob Burns Film Center to discuss why film education is so important, not just for the sake of jobs, but in order to give people a way to tell their stories. more »

Haitian Filmmaker Tutu asks: How much money can you make us?

Haitian Filmmaker Tutu Demosthene Playing Golf Haitian filmmaker Joan 'Tutu' Demosthene made this very interesting post on his Facebook page June 1, 2013, asking the Haitian actors and wannabe actor: How much money can you make us? more »

Former Miss Haiti Universe Sarodj Bertin stars in an African Movie

Sarodj Bertin Miss Haiti Universe 2010 There is an African movie currently in production, and Sarodj Bertin, 2010 Miss Haiti Universe, stars in it... more »

"We Love You Anne" Movie premieres finally in Haiti

I Love You Anne 2 Movie Photo Haitian Movie We Love You Anne, the sequel to I Love You Anne, is finally having its grand premiere. After many years of wondering when the movie will come out, we have a date. On May 25 and 26 2013, at Hotel Ritz Kinam II in port-au-Prince, Haiti, The public will finally have a glance at We Love You Anne.. more »

Haitian Filmmaker Godnel 'BabyLove' Latus anounces the release of his new movie Madan Paste #2

Godnel Haitian movie Madan Pastè #2 has just been released on DVD according to the film's director, Haitian Filmmaker Godnel 'BabyLove' Latus. more »

10,000 Limited Edition Of Haitian Film Pluie Despoir on DVD 30 May, 2013

Pluie D'espoir movie poster After 8 years of long delays, postponement, piracy and natural disasters, The Complete version of Pluie Despoir will be released on May 30, 2013. more »

Let louvri - Raynald Delerme bay Direktris jeneral BHDA Mme Emmelie PROPHETE-MILCE

Raynald Delerme Buys Bootleg Copy of Dyab Daba 2 Nan yon lèt tou louvri, sineast ayisyen Raynald Delerme mande Direktris jeneral BHDA (Bureau Haitien du Droit d'Auteur) pou retire non li nan lis atis ki inskri nan BHDA paske TNH (Tele National d'Haiti) ak Ministè Kilti eksplwate zèv yo an bandi legal. more »

Paste, Mwen Ansent - New Haitian Movie Premieres Tonight

Paste, Mwen Ansent - Movie Poster There is a new Haitian film called Paste, Mwen Ansent (Preacher, I am pregnant) the movie premiere is tonight, 9 Feb 2013 at the Toussaint Louverture High School in Delray Beach. more »