Meet My Cousin, Starring Van Vicker and Gazzman yourselves, The Africans are coming!


African Actor Van Vicker

There is a new movie coming soon called "MEET MY COUSIN" starring African Actor Van Vicker and Haitian music star Gazman Pierre.

We have just spotted the trailer on YouTube!

Here it is:

Watch the Van Vicker Meet My Cousin trailer

Is it an African Movie?

Is it a Haitian movie?

What tha ???


Is seems like it was years ago but it has not been that long since the sale of African movies began in the Haitian community. In a very short time the sale of African movies rose and the sale of Haitian movies declined.

At one point in time some Haitian filmmakers and distributors began blaming African movies, claiming that it will cripple the production of Haitian movies.

Well no one can blame the movie itself... It's just a product... but the few movie distributors responsible for the distribution of African movies in the Haitian community, especially in South Florida, received a lot of criticism for "Kraze endistri cinema Ayisyen an" (destroying the Haitian movie industry)


Suddenly they had a brilliant Idea... Why not cast an African Movie Star (Van Vicker) in a Haitian movie?

Ever since this new virus went airborne in the Haitian community in South Florida, there has been problems, moun fache, moun dozado, moun boude, paket pale anpil, but that didn't stop it.

We never spoke about it before officially because... after all... we never got paid to talk about it...

Now that the Afro-Haitian baby is born, we cannot ignore it,

It's no secret, if you watch the trailer, you will realize that it is signed by Lionel Productions and Mizik Depot, two major Haitian and African Movie distributors in South Florida.

We were once approached by Lionel Production regarding the promotion of the movie MEET MY COUSIN. My response to him was simple "If there is a Haitian in it, I am promoting it."

I have not been in touch with Lionel... and no... this is not a PAID infomercial. I do hope however that he gets in touch with me right away so I can tell you more about it.


When I was a kid, growing up in Haiti I used to love KASSAV, not the one you eat, KASSAV the Zouk band.

What I did not know at that time was that the introduction of ZOUK in Haiti caused a lot of grief in the Haitian music industry. There were a lot of conflicts between KASAV and bands like TABOU COMBO.

By the time I was old enough to party, Tabou Combo was sharing the same stage with KASSAV; Jocelyne Beroard, Jacob Desvarieux, Jean-Philippe Marthely, Patrick St. Eloi, Jean-Claude Naimro, Claude Vamur and Georges Decimus became household names in the Haitian community.

As much as we fell in love with them, one of the members of Tabou Combo told me in an interview they receive more love from the islands than from their own Haitian community.

"It just so happens that I had to go all the way to 'COTE D'IVOIRE' (The Ivory Coast) to receive a Lifetime Achivement Award," he said to me.

Haitian Singer Coupe Cloue was crowned "ROI COUPE" by African fans on his first tour of Central Africa in 1975.

Nowadays with songs like "J'aimerais te revoir / I want To See You Baby" by T-Vice and Jocelyne Labylle, we don't even know anymore if we are listening to Zouk, Compas Direct, or Nouvelle Generation.

I guess what I am trying to say, in the near future, All of this won't matter, Reginald Lubin, Raynald Delerme, Samuel Vincent, and all the other Haitian filmmakers may have to fly all the way to Africa to receive an award while Van Vicker may end up being the most popular Actor in Haiti.

I call this... History in the making... and I am happy to be a part of it.

Van Vicker... Welcome to

My name is Woodring Saint Preux and I said it.

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Ngek Elsie says...


Re: Meet My Cousin, Starring Van Vicker And Gazzman

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Young Zoe says...

meet my cousin is really a good moovie i really want 2c the second part


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Youn Zoe says...

Meet my cousin is a great movies it one of my favorite movie

meet my cousin se yon bel film se youn nan pi bell film mwen renmen

RE: Meet My Cousin Starring Van Vicker And Gazzman

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Nini says...

When will the DVD be released?

RE: Meet My Cousin Starring Van Vicker And Gazzman

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Francia says...

can't wait 4 the movie, when is it coming out?

Re: Meet My Cousin Starring Van Vicker And Gazzman

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Nicole says...

this clip is maddddddd i need to download it were must i go.

Re: Meet My Cousin Starring Van Vicker And Gazzman

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Darkwoman80 says...

I really don't care. I just want to know where to buy the movies

RE: Meet My Cousin Starring Van Vicker And Gazzman

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Nadia T says...

hi whats up i like your movies so were can i download your moves online answer back by Nadia T

Re: Meet My Cousin Starring Van Vicker And Gazzman

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Tony says...

"he's so cute and fine, that's the kind of people we need in haitian movies...

" and your are so dumb and stupid Daphoune<p>RE: Meet My Cousin Starring Van Vicker And Gazzman</p>

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Beauge P. says...

Hey there! thanks for the updates Saint Preux.

Um, i think that this would be a great movie.

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