MECHANDOU, New Haitian Action Movie, In Miami July 25

There is a new Haitian Action movie called MechanDou playing in Miami's Little Haiti Cultural Center on Sunday, July 25, 2010. Haitian filmmaker Wesner Calixte swears this this will the best Haitian action movie you've ever seen.

Mechandou Movie Poster
Mechandou Movie Poster

For full details about the movie showing, click on
MechanDou Movie Premiere In Miami

What is the movie about?

Starring Cecile Jabouin, Wisler Pierre Louis, Rejean Calix, Sylvie Fleurio, Narcisse Max Angelo, Wesner Calixte, MechanDou is a movie about a young man who return back home with a vengeance after he learns that local gang members shot his father.

MechanDou is shot entirely in Haiti.

Looking at the MechanDou movie trailer, I see snipers, car chases, people getting rolled over by dump trucks (Kamyon Bascule), all this action takes place on location in Haiti.

Have you seen the trailer?

Take a look and see for yourself, watch the trailer

Another surprise for Haitian music fans...

Also starring in the movie MechanDou is Darline Calixte. You may remember her in the Haitian music groups Fasad and Metal Ice.

Flip... Floup... Flap... Yeah that's her!

Except, in this movie, Darline Calixte will not be dancing to any music

Oh no...She is Detective La Pointe, and she doesn't play.


Remember, if you live in South Florida, the movie will be playing on Sunday, July 25, 2010 at the Little Haiti Cultural Center

For full details, click on
MechanDou Movie Premiere In Miami

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