L'Amour Et L'Amitier Movie, Did You Hear That Part?

If you've seen the Haitian movie L'Amour Et L'Amitie starring Sheila Mocombe, Marc Anthony Delerme, Gamall Augustin, Hudson Accius, andNatacha Simeon, then there is a radio show in one of the car scenes in the beginning of the movie that you probably thought was funny!

L'Amour et L'Amitie
L'Amour et L'Amitie

As I was watching the movie, I was paying more attention to the the lady who called the radio station in that scene then what the actor was actually saying

Guess what?

I called the filmmaker, Joan Demosthene (Tutu), and I asked him "was that a real radio show in that scene?"

he said "No man that was part of the movie"

You remember what I am talking about right?

You would if you saw the movie L'Amour Et L'Amitie, not a bad movie to watch to day on Valentines Day

Guess what?

We have the radio show in full uncut, to listen to it now click on:
L'Amour et L'Amitier Movie - Radio Show Clip

Warning: You should probably ask your kids to move or put on a headphone or something!

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