Jimmy Jean Louis, The Haitian Hero on NBC, A Real Life Hero

If you watch HEROES on NBC then you know who "The Haitian" is but... did you know that actor Jimmy Jean Louis was a real life hero?

belpoz.com/picture-4791Perhaps not to me, perhaps not to you personally, but to the Haitian children that Jimmy Jean Louis is helping in Haiti his certainty is the hero.

Jimmy Jean Louis has been working on a non-profit organization called "Hollywood Unites For Haiti" (HUFH) whose mission is to promote sports and cultural activities for the underprivileged youth of Haiti.


Because, as posted on the mission statement of the organization's official website, "Hollywood Unites For Haiti" (HUFH) recognizes the unique opportunity that Hollywood has in raising awareness about Haiti.

Jimmy Jean Louis who is the founder of HUFH says:

"Haiti has suffered many set backs in its rich history and yet the Haitian people have never lost the character to face adversity with creativity, resilience, and community."

HUFH has chosen to focus its efforts on sports and culture to brighten the hearts and minds of kids and encourage them to build confidence, competence, and community whilst they learn invaluable life skills and citizenship.

Their website - hufh.org - was lunched just only a few weeks ago.

belpoz.com/picture-4787HUFH is collecting sports equipment, art supplies, etc..., and money to ship these equipments to Haiti.

Of course you can be of assistance to Jimmy and his new task at hand.

If you are a Christian and you read the bible, I suggest you read the book of Ester.

Mother Haiti has many children living on foreign land and each and everyone of you has a task to fulfill for the mother land.

When the time comes and you receive the word (usually via a guilt trip for not doing anything positive for LAKAY) know that it is your duty to give back to the land that has given you life and identity.

We did receive more photos from Hollywood Unites for Haiti, you will find them on Belpoz.com

Congratulations, Mr. Jean Louis, I hope the other Haitian "Esters" of Hollywood follow your footsteps.

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Frantzca Pearls Keep the good work may God bless you man
Reply · April 10 at 3:42 PM
Lilie you are doing a wonderful thing for Haiti, and everytime a hero like you come and help... see more
Reply · March 30 at 11:40 PM
Haitian Actor.. wow! i just checked out the website. Jimmy you doing a wonderful thing for haiti good... see more
Reply · March 15 at 2:23 PM

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