Haitian Filmmakers Abuse me, Actor Jacques Edmond (Gracie) says...

Watch this video interview of Haitian actor Jacques Edmond aka "Gracie" claiming that Haitian producers and filmmakers have taken advantage of him... One filmmaker in particular, he says, is Raynald Delerme, producer of Dyab Baba...

PHOTO: Papa Pye and Gracie, Dyab Baba Movie Photo

Watch the video...

This video has been on Youtube and Facebook for about a month and there has been quite a few comments posted about it, on Facebook in particular...

The Honest Truth is... There are not many people that we know in the Haitian movie industry who are living large or even decent, for that matter, AND who claim that it is solely because of money they earn as a Haitian actor...

If search a person exist, please contact us as we would like write a article about you... Please come forward.

Gracie feels that he is a victim of Haitian cinema... Do you share the same feeling?

What do you think about the interview and everything that was said in it?

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Subject: Haitian Filmmakers Abuse me, Actor Jacques Edmond (Gracie) says... edit

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