Haitian Actors - Where Are They Now?

What has become of your favorite movie star? Kisa aktè sa yo devni? Where are they now? This is the question that many Haitian movie fan is asking these days...

Haitian Super Star
Haitian Super Star

There other day I overheard a few Haitian movie fans having a discussion about a popular Haitian actress that has fallen off the map.

"Whatever happened to her?" one of them asks...

"She was my favorite actress," another one says.

"Oh yea! Ti fi gen yon still man, epi li bèl" another one says

Myself, I just kept my mouth shut, I didn't say a word. The actress in question happens a good friend of mine, she is doing quite well. In fact she is doing better then before since acting in Haiti, for the most part, it is a hobby and not a job where people get paid.

The fans don't know that. they don't understand. Those same people I overheard asking the "where are they now?" question ,I doubt if they event bought one DVD in their lifetime.

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