Haitian actors, check your fan mail

I don't know if you take the time to go through the actors fan clubs to see the kind of messages hat are being left for them.

I don't know how often the actors themselves check their fan clubs but I'll tell you this much:

some of them are pretty interesting.

Here are just a couple of them you can check out:

  1. A message for Raoul Peck from Rosa Parks family
  2. A Puerto Rican actor who wants to play in the Haitian movie
  3. A daughter trying to contact her father
  4. A once in a lifetime experience with Mecca
  5. A potential deal for Marlyne Afflack

So far there are more than 4000 messages left for actors and directors on belfim.com

If you are an actor I certainly hope you review your fan club messages from time to time you never know what you might find in there.

P.S. If you do get a reply... I guarantee you... it's from the actor.

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