Haiti Cinema - Actress Marjorie Renaud Making A Comeback

After 10 years of absence in Haitian films, Haitian Actress Marjorie Renaud is coming back for an encore.

Movie photo - behind The Scenes
Movie photo - behind The Scenes

Do you remember the seductive young lady in the Haitian movie Infidelite who got paid by a married woman to seduce her own husband?

Well that beautiful young lady was Marjorie Renaud and she is back in yet another seductive role...

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Here are two pictures of Marjorie 10 years earlier in Infidelite, and now in Dyab Baba

I have to admit that her new role is not as spicy as the first, after all, the movie Dyab Baba is NOT the typical "boys gone wild" movies that most of us would expect from Raynald Delerme :)

He doesn't make those movie anymore, does he?

I am sure there are Marjorie Renaud fans out there, I am guessing mostly man, who are probably wondering "What happened to her?"

Well here she is... with the man who needs no introduction!

See more photos here

In the movie Dyab Baba , Jean Claude Joseph (Papa Pie) fall head over heals in love with a beautiful young woman. There are quite a few beautiful ladies being considered for that role but Marjorie Renaud was selected for the mission.

Ala neg gen chans se father peter sa-a papa!


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Reply · January 22 at 9:31 PM
Joujou Welcome back marjorie may the good Lord blessyou abundantly. Once again welcome back
Reply · January 19 at 5:42 PM
Antonisia Tu ne peux pas savoir la joie que cela me donne,j'attendais son retour.Je sais qu'elle... see more
Reply · September 22 at 10:30 AM
Eddy I used to like her that will be good she`s coming back, in the market cause we need all... see more
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Supporter Are you serious? You call these movies hahahah wow! Like i said we tired of radot in the... see more
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Concerned Movie Fan LOL "supporter". For someone to call themselves SUPPORTER, you dont do much of that at... see more
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Supporter hopefully she starts working with the younger directors now so she can continue with her... see more
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