Fanm Se Rat, New Haitian Movie Coming Soon

From the producers of Gason Makoklen comes a new movie called "Fanm Se Rat"

Fan Se Rat Official Movie Poster
Fan Se Rat Official Movie Poster



"Fanm Se Rat"

Right on the poster it says "Tout Fanm se fanm men tout fanm pa menm"

Fanm Se Rat is a new film by Wilfort Estimable, coming from the Haitian/Canadian Diaspora, and staring Georges Jean, Tharte J. Phelord, Midelene Lubins, Myrline Etienne, Ernest Jr Cadet, Geralda Gay, and Natacha Berger

So far no movie trailer has been submited to belfim but we are expecting a trailer soon.

Poster looks good and the title is very good.

Stay tuned to belfim, as soon as we have more information we will let you know.

Fanm Se Rat?

I wonder if this is based on a true story!!!

Things that make you go HMMMMMM!!!

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Nap Suiv kompalive de kerby leveille ap jwe movie fanm se rat la kounye a. eske se normal. mwen... see more
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