Haiti - Bòs Macel met with Haiti Culture Minister Wednesday

Haitian actor Saurel Charles, best know as Bòs Macel from the old Television sitcom "La Vie Nan Bouk La," met with Haiti culture minister Dithny Joan Raton Wednesday...

Bos Macel Saurel Charles meet Haiti Culture Minister Dithny Joan Raton

A photo of the meeting was posted on the Facebook page of the Ministère de la Culture Haiti; however, there was no details about the purpose of the meeting.

Lavie Nan Bouk la was the one of the most popular sitcoms on Haitian Television National back in the 80's. All Haitians in their mid 40's and early 50's know who Bos Macel, Papa Pye, Frederic, and Gracie are...

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Until recently, Many people thought Bos Macel was dead until last year, 2014, when he showed up at the MPAH Haitian Movie Awards where he was honored along with the rest of the cast of the old sitcom.

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