Dyab Baba Weekend, Party on Friday, Premiere on Sunday

This weekend is weekend in Miami The kickoff party is Friday night and the premiere is Sunday evening.

Dyab Baba Official Movie Poster
Dyab Baba Official Movie Poster

belfet.com/events.php?e=5382belfet.com/events.php?e=5382Finally, after two decades of watching Baba in Languichatte Aux Xeme Sciecle, Papa Pie and Gracie in La Vie Nan Bouk La, you finally have a chance to see Baba, Papa Pie, and Gracie in the same movie.

is a comedy and YES... very is funny...


If you think Dyab Baba is just comedy about Baba and Papa pie... you really need to watch this clip...

The grand premiere of the Diab Baba will be on Sunday, October 18 at 7:00 PM at the cinema six California mall in Miami Florida.

First things first...

let me tell you about a big Dyab Baba kick off party Friday night.

Paradis F.M and KRJ Event Planners are having a big kick of party on Friday, October 16 at the Indigo 7 Night Club in North Miami Florida.

I have been to one of these parties hosted by KRJ and I have to admit, it is a red carpet event.

Click on the movie event poster for details...


We have been told that the entire cast of Diab Baba cast will be there at the party... I know I will be there... and I hope to meet you there...

So come and have a good time with Baba, Papa Pie, and and all the other stars who are expected to attend.

For more information about the Dyab Baba Kick-off party on Friday, click on Dyab Baba Kick-off Party A Red Carpet Event.

Sunday is Dyab Baba Premiere night...

The Dyab Baba movie Premiere is Sunday, October 18th, 2009 at 7:00PM at the Cinema 6 (california Mall), 850 Ives Dairy Rd, in Miami, Florida

For more information about the movie premiere on Sunday, click on Dyab Baba Movie Premiere.

By the way, there has been quite a few movie clips posted on Belfim about the movie. here is one of them, To see them all, click on

If you are in Miami, I will see you at the party on Friday and at the Premiere on Sunday...

If you don't live in Florida, I guess I will do my best to please you with a reportage early next week!


See you tomorrow night!

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