Carline Verrier, The New Filmmaker on the block

Carline Verrier is about to release her first movie, Le Peche Et Le Pardon, in the Haitian movie market but she is no amateur filmmaker!

Carline Verrier
Carline Verrier

Keep on reading and you will find out why.

There is perception that making a Haitian movie is a joke. There is a belief that most, if not all, the Haitian filmmakers are just a just a bunch of "TET MATOs" who think they can make movies.

The good news is... If you want to go filmmaking school... no one will stop you...

I am happy to announce to you, Mr. and Mrs. Haitian movie consumer, that some of your filmmakers actually go to school and some of them take filmmaking very seriously.

Say Hello to Haitian filmmaker Carline Verrier.

Her first feature film, Le Peche Et Le Pardon, starring Hubermann Saintil, Gazzman Pierre AKA Gazzman Couleur, and Florence P. Simeon will hit theaters in Miami on August 15, 2009

You are invited to the grand premiere, Carline would like you to come and see for yourself "Kisa li pote nan djakout li pou nou"

About Carline Verrier

Carline Verrier was born in Haiti and she grew up in Boston Massachusetts since the age of nine.

After graduating High school, Carline Verrier decided to study Filmmaking at Howard University and she graduated with a Bachelor Degree (BA) in filmmaking. More than that, Carline also holds a Masters degree in Business in Entertainment (MBA).

You are probably wondering why am I bragging about her. I'll tell you why.

I actually give a lot of props to those of us who take the time to learn how to do something. Coupled with the endless creativity I know all Haitians possess, we can achieve unimaginable success if we only learn the process.

Sorry Carline... I am using you as bait to get my message across!

Let me tell you something... As smart as I am, if I ever build a house, I hope you are not dumb enough to live in it!

The Cold Truth About Filmmaking

Filmmaking is not a "DON" that "papa-w mouri kite pou ou," you actually have to go to school for it. Filmmaking is an art and, when you master it, you can do wonderful things, even on a shoe string budget.

I know many Haitians who are interested in filmmaking and I always encourage those who at least try BUT...

If some of you took the time to learn how to make movies, If you actually mastered how to edit movies, how to do the lighting, the Haitian movie industry (BELLYWOOD) would not be in the condition it is in right now.

The Good news is...

Carline Verrier is NOT the only person in the Haitian movie industry with a degree in filmmaking. I just wanted to make it clear. I am ready to update the Bios of anyone Filmmaker who wants those showcase their resumes on Belfim.

It is unfortunate, however, that there are a lot of BOS MASONs out there in an industry where ARCHITECTS are needed.

Here I go again... Mr. big mouth!

I was only supposed to introduce Carline to you, my Belfim fans, and... honestly... I don't know where all this came from....

Me and my big mouth!

My name is Woodring Saint Preux and I said it.

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