BLOFE Movie Premieres in Ft Lauderdale This Sunday, Apr 26

The grand premiere of Haitian movie Blofe is this weekend; you're invited, it's on Sunday, April 26th, 2009, in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida.

Blofe Movie Poster
Blofe Movie Poster

NOTE: Tickets will not be sold at the door

Get your tickets in Advance see the Blofe movie premiere event page for details.

Dress nice, look CHIC, Belfim will be there!

I am actually in Rhodes Island right now vacationing with my kids and I have to cut my vacation short. I will be on a plane this afternoon heading to South Florida for the Blofe Movie Premiere.

I will not miss it for the world!

This has been a long awaited journey for actress and filmmaker Kaymar B Compas. She has been working day and night to make sure that the grand premiere is a success.

Have you seen the trailer?

Surprise Reginald Lubin is in the movie!

You didn't know? There are now two "Reginald Lubin" in Bellywood! / Genyen 2 Reginald Lubin nan Bellywood!

Did I tell you the movie's name is BLOFE?

Le-m di-w sa-a, tout moun sou blof!

Imagine meeting a man who tells you that he is the RICHEST man in town and then your mother... of all people... discovers that he actually works in a car wash?


Blofe stars Samuel Compas, Georges Balezines, and Shirlene Lubin, and many more. The movie Blofe is giving a new definition to the word "Haitian scam artist." Just watch the Blofe movie trailer and you will glimpse of what this movie is all about.

Remember, the grand premiere is this Sunday, April 26th, 2009, in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida.

Stay tuned to Belfim for more info about Blofe.

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G9conceptla Wow, I didnt get to see it. But is it really that bad? Should I buy it?
Reply · May 05 at 12:48 PM
Evy Is it Mora Junior Etienne's movie? His picture is the first one you see under the topic.
Reply · May 03 at 5:59 PM
Belfimfan Why do we strive for excellence when mediocrity is required? There is little demand in... see more
Reply · April 28 at 2:39 AM
Julie the movie sucked. It was horrible. What kind of bullshit was this? You are not ready to... see more
Reply · April 27 at 9:51 PM
Carlos Pierre hey!Kaymar oh my God i was so happy to be there at the grand premier. It was just a... see more
Reply · April 27 at 11:43 AM
Fan Cinema Nan Fort Lauderdale baby luv ou di se pwoduse ou ye men pa montre sa a pou kisa pou voye moun'n ak zam vin'n... see more
Reply · April 26 at 8:45 PM
Anne Basolana je besoin d'aide. je vous aime beaucoup
Reply · April 25 at 4:53 AM
Sorin Je suis ce que DIEU dit que je suis Je suis le reflet de mes pensées, je crois que... see more
Reply · April 25 at 12:08 AM

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