Interviews Richard Beauvais from "La Trace"

Belfim had the liberty to interview one of the lead actors of upcoming movie La Trace.

Richard Beauvais
Richard Beauvais

Richard Beauvais is one of the leading characters of Haitian movie La Trace. This weekend Richard Beauvais was interviewed by Woodring Saint Preux.

You can watch the interview right now on

He was asked many questions which I am sure you will apreciate. Watch the interview not and post your comments here.

By the way I was myself interviewed by Haitian jounalist Villaret St. Hilaire about and he dug into my personal life a little.

I don't mind, Take a look at the interview if you want to know more about Belfim and the man behind Belfim

That interview is also posted on

La Trace is a new action movie that is coming soon to theaters.

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