Belfim Introduces the "Haitian Celebrity MVP"

Who is the Belfim MVP?

Haitian Super Star
Haitian Super Star

Who is the Most Valuable Person on

You will soon find out.

So... You've been browsing and yet you have no idea which celebrity profile is the most popular on belfim.

Well this is about to change.

As of August 29 2009, we've added a new feature on Belfim whereby we keep a counter of all the profiles being visited on Belfim.

In the next few weeks, we will be releasing a new page and you will be able to tell from now on which celebrity profiles are the most visited on Belfim.

Hence... The MVP!

Who is the most popular actor of filmmaker on Belfim?

Soon you will find out.

The more people who visit your profile on Belfim, the more popular you become. If you are an actor or a filmmaker, tell all your friends to visit your profile on Belfim. If you are a movie fan, be sure to visit the profiles of all your favorite Haitian superstars.

Eventually we will keep a count of celebrities with the most fan messages, most blog comments, etc... but in the mean time...

Let the game begin!!!

Please note: This will be based entirely based on statistics, the more people who visit a celebrity profile, the more "VALUABLE" the celebrity to Haitian movie fans.

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