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L'Imposteur Impromptu

L'Imposteur Impromptu - Plot Summary

When Jacqueline thinks her dark days are over, it is just the beginning... An impostor is a part of the family and started to destroy them all.


Le Jacqueline panse mize'l fini se ato li fek komanse ap pase mize... Yon inposte ki entre nan fanmi an pou detwi yo tout

L'imposteur Impromptu is a movie written and produced by Zagalo Prince, directed by Melissa Sign Khan, edited by Clifton Theus, Director of Photography David Mims. Starring Stardeak Durand, Sabine Simon, Whitney Aurelus, Marie Calixte, Marie Alma aka Margueritte and Smith Cassamajor, Enotte Gustave, Jean Mombrun, Kenold Robinson, Mimine Degand, Merson Narcisse etc... Music by Tra-fic 12 featuring Wilvick Ascar, Graffiti Thrill, Oxygen, Gazzman Couleur Disip, T-vice

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