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Suppress Emotions

Suppress Emotions - Plot Summary

Suppress Emotions is a romantic drama film, based on loving story of a
young woman who has to choose between her husband and Ex-Lover. Now she asks herself: Where do you go when you've gone too far?


A Frustrated Husband, The Ex-Lover, A Suspicious Wife.

Meet Sophia: A very beautiful woman but a suspicious wife. She crosses her sexy leg while seating comfortable on the cough having a good time with her ex-lover.

Meet Johnny: A successful and a handsome businessman that came back to his home town to open a new business branch. He met with his ex-lover again whom he was dating back in High School. But now both of them are enjoying a wine together at his house.

Meet Carter: A barber, a husband, and a family man but a very frustrated man. He loves his wife Sophia so much; unfortunately, she just does not get it. So he ends up doing something that he never done before to make sure Johnny does not come out winning.

"Suppress Emotions" is heartfelt drama with the impact and emotions of two men crazy in love and suppressed over a woman.

Did Carter execute his plan or did Johnny come out on top. At the end, one has to win therefore who will be the winner still remains mystery?

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