Kisa Josephine Genyen

Kisa Josephine Genyen - Plot Summary

Kisa Josephine Genyen is a movie about Josephine Marceline (Marie Yves-Elda Degand Calixte) a young lady who was never cared for by her parents, her father Joseph Marceline (Jonas Jacques) brings her to the United States to save face.

Josephine comes to the United States only to find out that she will be treated the same as she was back in Haiti.

Josephine is put out of her father's home by a step mother Sandy Marceline (Magarette) and finds someone Joel (Romial Monsanto) to help her but something that happened in her past, at the age of 11, while she was in Haiti that won't let her live her life.

It hunts her day and night to the point she becomes dangerous not only to herself but everyone else around her especially her father and step-mother.

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