La Valeur De La Vie

La Valeur De La Vie - Plot Summary

La Valeur De La Vie (The Meaning of Life) is a new movie about Sonia (Marie France Jean), a young, beautiful, but poor Haitian woman who fled Haiti by boat to come to America.

She is rescued by a humble Haitian family who decides to take her in from the refugee camp.

Leon (Roudy Joseph) who is a male gigolo, a 'Leon Dimanche' wannabe, and close friend of the husband, Albert (William Volcinus), comes into the house, promises Sonia the world only to sleep with her and take advantage of her.

One day, Ms Albert (Barbara Cajuste) discovers that Sonia is pregnant in the house. Having no clue that Leon has been secretly coming and going inside their house, she accused her husband of adultery.

This pregnancy will end up teaching everyone involved the meaning of life (La Valeur De La Vie), especially Leon when he discovers, 7 years later, that he can no longer have children and that Sonia may have the only child who can call him Daddy.

The big question is... Did she keep it?

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