Move Chwa

Move Chwa - Plot Summary

MOVE CHWA is a movie about Rigo (Georges Balezines), a Haitian man who thinks that Haiti has no laws and he can do whatever he wants there.

Although Rigo lives in the United States and he is well aware that, here in the U.S.A. you do not dare put your hands on a woman, Rigo believes that, in Haiti, you can beat your wife in front of a police officer and there is nothing they can do about it.

Well Rigo 'fe yon MOVE CHWA', he makes bad choice when he decides to beat up his girlfriend Jennifer (Ruth Desejour), yes you guessed it, right in front of three Haitian police officers.

MOVE CHWA is a must watch movie for all Haitians who have this mentality that there are no laws in Haiti or that the laws are not enforced.

W-ap monte sou resif... W-ap fe MOVE CHWA...

Synopsis by Woodring Saint Preux/

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