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L'imprevu - Plot Summary

After 12 years of active duty Georges (Jean R Galumette) decides to quit US Army to returns home to his family.

In order to get his life together he decides to open his own business.

Jean Pierre (Fritz Buissereth), a local millionaire, offers to partner with Georges on his new business venture.

What Georges does not know is Jean Pierre's real name is Bernard Duclos, a big time drug dealer and ex fiancé of Carole (Susette Maurisseau), George's wife, who left her at the alter on their wedding day.

One day Georges invites Jean Pierre over to his house for dinner and that's how Carole will meet Bernard Duclos again after 12 years.

What happens next is totally chaotic and unexpected (L'Imprevu)

L'Imprevu is Directed by Jean R.

Galumette and released by Club Des Artiste.

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