Le Prix A Payer

Le Prix A Payer - Plot Summary

A young, smart, and beautiful woman, Zoulnie (Misty Jean), who was looking for real love, is about to make a big change in her life.

Her boyfriend's, Abdul (Isaac Antoine), strange personality seems to keep him very far from connecting with her reality.

Zoulnie is later surprised by her first love, Eddy (Marson Sam), whom she lost contact with since she left Haiti, and all the old feelings they shared begin to come back.

They fall in love again, but their relationship is threatened by his best friend Tiotio, (Mora Junior Etienne), a very dangerous and malicious man and his classmate Elizabeth, (Louise Dartiguenave), who is known as the queen of manipulation.

Everyone is defending their own interest and they have to play hardball to control what is already uncontrollable. Zoulnie is facing the worst time of her life, but can her mom, Annette (Selina J. Boussicot), and her best friend Angie, (Darah D. Valville), help her get through this rough time and save her life?

In the quest for love, happiness, and power, each character will learn that for every decision he or she makes, there's always a "Price to Pay".

The author flawlessly creates deception, lies, regrets, and hope throughout this film that will surely keep the audience mesmerized.

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