Profonds Regrets

Profonds Regrets - Plot Summary

It's the story of Dario (Mora Jr. Etienne) who came to Miami to find the love of his life Winodia (Fabienne Colas).

Winodia had to face hardship when she was kicked out of her house by her Mother who didn't approve of her relationships.

In her moment of despair she met the evil Vayoline (Clerdine Augustin) who tried to hook her up with the pimp Tchuko (Ronsard St-Cyr).

Dario found out and left Winodia. Meanwhile, Dario met the lovely Lia (Nice Simon) who died of a heart ailment while Winodia's life took a sharp turn after having won 40 million dollars in the Florida lottery.

The "regrets" part comes when Dario tried to win back the love of Winodia only to find out that she was already engaged to the guy who sold her the winning ticket.

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